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MojoPac is a new application which is currently in phase of beta test and which makes it possible to transport Windows Bureau and to make use of it a little everywhere. In the principle, MojoPac is rather close to LiveCD to the difference close that there seems to be able to launch out directly under Windows. Using an external storage medium (hard disk, key usb, iPod, etc…) you will be able to thus use your favorite applications on any PC, that it is or not with you. You do not separate from your preferred plays or you do not want to configure your Skype account a little everywhere? MojoPac seems to be an application which will interest you. For the MojoPac moment is proposed at the cost of 29.99$, but in 30 days the price will pass to 49.99$. With you to see whether you want to acquire of it before or after its official exit… Ah yes, an important detail, according to those which tested it, MojoPac really functions

Applications you can run on a MojoPac device

Age of Empires III
Auto Assault
Battlefield II
The Battle for Middle Earth II
City of Heroes
City of Villains
Counter-Strike Source
Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat:Source
Deathmatch Classic
Diablo II
Diablo II - Lord of Destruction
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Elder scrolls IV - Oblivion
EverQuest II
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Half-Life:Blue Shift
Half-Life Deathmatch:Source
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2eathmatch
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Guild Wars
Guild Wars Factions
Opposing Force
PartyPoker Client
Star Wars Galaxies
Sims 2
Sin 1
Sin 1 Multiplayer
Sin Episodes : Emergence
Team Fortress Classic
Titan Quest
Warcraft III
World of Warcraft
Communications and IM
AIM (AOL instant messenger) v 1.0.4
Gaim 1.5
Google Talk Beta
mIRC 6.2
mySpace IM (Beta)
Skype 2.0
Trillian Basic 3.0*
Trillian Pro 3.0*
TeamSpeak 2.0
Ventrilo 2.3
Yahoo Messenger 8.0
Xfire 1.6
*for Trillian, please first install QuickTime 7 on your MojoPac.
iTunes 6
Quicktime 7
Real Player 10
Window Media Player 9, 10
Winamp 5
SlingPlayer 1.3
Nero 7
Zinio Reader
PowerDVD 6

You can install most of your programs and it is not terribly slow. Unfortunately, it only works on Windows XP machines right now.

"The next version of MojoPac we are working on in our labs already works with the latest available version of Vista. As soon as Vista becomes GA, Vista support will be available to all MojoPac users, so you can upgrade the MojoPac you have to include support for Vista

Windows XP (32-bit version ONLY)
* Home/Pro (sp1, sp2)
* Media Center Edition (2003, 2005)
* TabletPC
RAM: 256MB Minimum, 512MB recommended
USB 2.0

Access Privileges: MojoPac 1.0 requires Administrator Privilege. Limited Mode support will be introduced in MojoPac 2.0.

MojoPac today is for Windows only. Our plans for MAC and Linux support are top secret…

How much does MojoPac cost?
You can try the product with no obligation for 30 days. If you decide to purchase MojoPac within the first month of the product release, there is a special introductory one time fee of just $29.99, with up to three additional licenses available for just $14.99 each. After the special introductory period the price changes to a one time fee of $49.99, with up to three additional licenses available for just $24.99 each"

With your purchase price you will receive all updates to that version, up to 1.XXX.
You'll have to purchase 2.0 with admin rights when it is released.

Presumably at a discount for 1.XXX owners.

virtualization at its best!

and all it is a pretty front end to vmware player. It will actually install vmware player to the pc you are using but it will be imbedded within the moka5 program. So, when a livepc is started, vmware player starts.

This means, that this will never be able to be used on a system, you do not have admin rights to. As vmware player needs admin rights to install it virtualization drivers.

looks like mojopac, moka5 and possibly others is a trend where the OS, Apps, and data are completely portable.

Maybe the only thing required in the future is a PC with usb/firewire, monitor, keyboard, mouse, network/internet and enough horse power.

So, just plug in the usb drive, power on the pc, off you go.

It is flash based, cross platform and it would seem could be run without admin rights.

Of course, their business model has changed at least once since i started looking at it and the last communication I had with the company was "new beta end of September..."

we'll see

The Mercury News had an article on Mojopac last weekend. Since you can't run Mojopac without admin rights I am wondering what all the excitement is about? It seems to me that Firefox, Thunderbird and Abiword would cover the needs of many folks and allow the use of those apps anywhere; hotel, internet cafe etc. I would certainly like a portable open Powerpoint.

I use the apps above on a Kingston DT Elite and they work really well.

If I did need to run MS Office etc I would install all that on a Seagate USB drive (or use a 2.5'' drive in an enclosure) and again I would not need admin privileges.

Generally, most reporters don't take the time to really get into the way something works. Most bloggers don't either. That's why you see these glowing reports of "take all your stuff and use it anywhere" when that's not really the case. Without the ability to run on limited accounts, you can't use it at school/university, work, etc. Without the ability to run on guest accounts, you can't use it at net cafes, public kiosks, etc. But how many of the reports on Mojopac have picked up on this? If you check the Mojopac forums, you'll see reports of users disappointed that they can't use it except on their home PC.

As for a portable open Powerpoint, try OpenOffice.org Impress Portable. It opens up most Powerpoint files without issue (unless you embed video, etc).

On beta testing... just keep an eye on the Beta Forum (there's even an RSS feed). All apps that need testing are noted there.

there are a lot of limitations to Mojopac....but

I can install many things on Mojopac that are not yet (or legally) portable.

Yes I know there are alternatives that are or can be portable but I'm an old guy (by internet standards) and I like working with certain programs.

I use Portable Apps too (the best of both worlds). In fact, I have mostly portable apps on my Mojopac drive. Doesn't gunk up the registry. I can still get to them if I am in an environment where I can't run Mojopac.

I think there is a place for things like this...maybe not this one and maybe not yet, but soon. It is coming...

I am more concerned with the lack of response on their messageboards. Not sure what the problem is with that...they appear to be MIA. Maybe they are overwhelmed, maybe they don't have any answers or maybe they are pissed that not everybody thinks it is as great as they do.

How many of us have released something and been surprised when other people didn't think it was the best thing since sliced bread? Remember it is a lot easier to complain on a message board then to do the actual work, as many people here can attest.

Actually, I wasn't poo-pooing the whole thing. I do think there is value in this approach. But the reporting on Mojopac has been sub-standard at best. The limitations of Mojopac are pretty big gotchas for someone that isn't aware of them... especially not being able to use it in a typical office environment, university campus or net cafe. There's only a very small subset of users that would be able to use Mojopac as what they're billing it as. And it's sad when reporters and bloggers miss that fact. Not to mention the fact that this actually produces MORE unhappy users on Mojopac's message board complaining about something that should be stated and fully explained upfront.

On the legal side, the legality of installing regular software into Mojopac is questionable. The End User License Agreement on most commercial software (including Microsoft and Adobe's applications) allows installation on a single PC. It doesn't permit moving between PCs. This is why Mojopac only supports volume licenses on software like Microsoft Office and why the typical end-user can't install it.

So again, I'm not saying there's no value in it. There is. But substantially less than most people think on first glance from reading what's being written about it. It's the same story with approaches based on the VMWare player like Moko5. They all run into the admin privs problem. And this isn't exclusive to virtualization. Encrypted Disc software has the same problem... even open source ones like TrueCrypt do. It's not a problem that's easily overcome. And it may be even harder under Vista.

On the topic of getting used to certain software... that isn't something that's exclusive based on age. I'm old by internet standards as well. But I've been adjusting to other software. Switching from Office to OpenOffice.org was dead easy. Switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox was a pleasure. Switching from AOL IM to Gaim has been great. Of course, some software is hard to replace with an open source equivalent that can be made portable. For me, that would be Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop and Delphi as my biggest ones. GIMP, while powerful, is painful to use due to its layout. And the open source Delphi-like language isn't quite there yet.

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